• $22.99

    White Gold Rhodium Bonded Men's Ring with Princess Cut Clear high quality Cubic Zirconia Center Stone Surrounded by Round Cut Clear high quality Cubic Zirconia Accents in a Prong Setting in Silvertone This Pave Men's Cubic Zirconia Ring is stack with precious quality Cubic Zirconia stones. The White Gold Bond Rhodium gives this beautiful contemporary...

  • $34.99

    This golden silvertone Checkerboard Diamond Ring is a 14k Gold Bonded Ring with Round Cut Clear high quality Cubic Zirconia Accents in a Prong Setting in Gold Tone. Magnificent checkerboard pattern.

  • $29.99

    This onyx ring features a Masonic emblem with clear accents in a nice golden tone. 14k Gold Bonded Onyx Masonic Ring with 6 Round Cut Clear

  • $74.99

    Clear Filigree Eternity Band, elegant, stylish, beautiful. White Gold Rhodium Bonded Filigree Eternity Band with Pavè Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia with Textured Milligrain Enhancements in Silvertone

  • $22.99

    Effortlessly elegant. A precious addition to any fashion jewelry collection. White Gold Rhodium Bonded Flower Shape White Shell Pearl Pendant with 4 Prong Set Marquise Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia in Silvertone

  • $24.99

    This exquisite white flower pendant give a fresh and lovely look that she will adore for a long time. White Gold Rhodium Bonded Floral Pendant with White Cats Eye Petal-Shaped Stones and Cubic Zirconia Center in Silvertone

  • $15.99

    The Stunning Triplet Ring is adorned with three stunning Cubic Zirconia in a rhodium and matte rhodium bonded shank. It features a prong set center stone with two bezel Cubic Zirconia accents. A classic men's ring with  beautiful stone with a platinum luster.

  • $24.99

    This studded Diamond Ring is made of White Gold Rhodium Bonded Ring with a Round Cut Clear high quality Cubic Zirconia Center Stone and Small Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia on the Side in Silvertone. A manly attractive platinum luster ring that is suitable for any occassion.

  • $49.99

    Fill with elegance and ripe with meaning and symbolism. This pendant has it all, classic design with shimmering cubic zirconia. 18k Gold Plated and Genuine Rhodium Plated Cross Pendant with an Elegant Hallowed Design and Accented Cubic Zirconia at Each End and Down the Middle in Two-Tone

  • $27.99

    A beautiful combination of faith and fashion. This cubic zirconia pendent is deep in meaning with modern design. Genuine Rhodium Plated and 18k Gold Plated Pendant with Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia and Milgrain Accents in a Pave Setting in Two-Tone

  • $29.99

    A meaningful style design she will appreciate, this cross pendant features a dual tone modern design. 18k Gold Plated and Genuine Rhodium Plated Cross Pendant with Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia in Two-Tone

  • $44.99

    Bring a smile to her face with this precious bold black multi colour tear drop cubic zirconia pendent. This fashionable drop pendant features lovely colorful cubic zirconia creating multi-colour sparkles that is mesmerizing and eye grabbing. Black Rhodium Plated Tear Drop Pendant with Assorted Cubic Zirconia in Black

  • $54.99

    Elegant in  a rich bold black, this stunning black hooplet cubic zirconia pendant can become one of her most treasured jewelry. Black Rhodium Plated Hooplet Pendant with Assorted Cubic Zirconia in Black

  • $24.99

    Treasure this heart, dazzling with cubic zirconia will make her breathless. Genuine Rhodium Plated Heart Pendant with Petite Round Cut Accents Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish

  • $35.99

    Vintage style and heirloom quality, this piece of treasure features an intricate silver stars interwoven with a heart design. Genuine Rhodium Plated and 18k Gold Plated Floral Heart Pendant Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish and Goldtone

  • $39.99

    Unlock the love to her sparkling heart with this magical sparkling key. Fashioned with shimmering cubic zirconia, this heart pendant makes a perfect gift. Genuine Rhodium Plated Key and Heart Pendant with Pave Round Cubic Zirconia Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish

  • $35.99

    Two lovely hearts, one unforgetable look. This heart pendant is certain to make her smile. Pave pink cubic zirconia and clear cubic zirconia on heart crest. Genuine Rhodium Plated Two Hearts Inspired Pendant with Round Cut Pink and Clear Cubic Zirconia Accents Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish

  • $29.99

    Honor this special person and delight her heart with this MOM heart cubic zirconia pendant. Design with the word mom encase in a heart and two lovely floral. Genuine Rhodium Plated MOM Pendant Featuring Princess Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia Bar Set Polished into a Lustrous Silvertone Finish

  • $74.99

    Stylish and sophisticated, this brilliant brown topaz cubic zirconia tear drop pendant suits her perfectly. The eye is drawn to the perfectly Pear cut Brown cubic zirconia with yellow accent stones.  18k Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Pendant with Prong Set Pear Cut Brown and Round Cut Yellow Cubic Zirconia Polished into a Lustrous Goldtone Finish.

  • $24.99

    Present a romantic gesture with this admiring cubic zirconia heart pendant. Five sparkling cubic zirconia ascending a lustrous heart transforming this classic heart pendant into a brilliant piece of jewelry.  Genuine Rhodium Plated Graduated 16 Inch Heart Pendant Featuring Five Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Fastened to a Fancy Heart with Butted Bail...

Master Jeweler Fashion Jewelry and Costume Jewelry

ITALIAN-BORN JEWELER Rufo Stassi is a creative designer with incomparable style displaying masterful craftsmanship characteristic of the jewelers from his native country. The jewelries he produces commands attention, strikingly sleek designs are his trademark. Each design has been carefully considered, completely resolved and executed perfectly. A German-born architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said a famous phrase “God is in the detail” That belief can certainly be seen in the work of Rufo Stassi.

FROM MASTER JEWELER TO FASHION JEWELRY are words seldom used in the world of jewelers. Few master jewelers are willing to sacrifice their ingenious designs and styles for products that yield low monetary value (cost so little but look so good). “I create jewelries to adorn” once stated by Rufo Stassi. From the Merriam-Webster, the definition of jewelry is decorative object people wear on their body. Rufo Stassi believes jewelries are made for wearing, not for display like a piece of antique or hidden away as buried treasure. These revolutionary thoughts created RUFOSTASSI.COM. With the rising cost of precious metal fine jewelries are no longer suitable for wearing but hidden in a fire-proof-safe, fashion jewelries are simply a better alternative.  

Fashion Jewelry and Costume Jewelry with Cubic Zirconia

WHY WEAR FASHION JEWELRIES? Make a fantastic fashion statement, add a touch of wow factor to your perfect wardrobe. The truth is, it is nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between a piece of fine jewelry from a piece of fashion jewelry with the naked eye. Research have shown majority of the people don't really know the difference between fine jewelry or fashion jewelry. They can't differentiate between a diamond or a cubic zirconia, a pair of shelled pearl earrings or a pair of authentic pearl earrings. Fashion/Costume jewelries are also an ideal solution when traveling, focus and enjoy the experience of your journey worry free without the concern of your expensive jewelries getting stolen. Wearing fashion jewelry is a trend catching on fire that reaches royalty level as Kate Middleton wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge spotted wearing a pair of fashion earrings in public. From the huffingtonpost.com Kate Middleton Earrings: Cubic Zirconia At The Diamond Jubilee? With the recent discovery of moissanite, the qualities of cubic zirconias improved significantly making cubic zirconias an ideal competitor to diamonds at a fraction of the price. There are simply too many reasons to wear fashion jewelries. 

STASSI Fashion Jewelry offer the finest fashion jewelries in the industry, we are confident you will enjoy wearing STASSI jewelries. We stand by our products, our jewelries are crafted with highest quality cubic zirconia implemented with the designs and ideas of Rufo Stassi.